Additional resources available

Publications available for PA 4-H leaders and members only through the office of Phillip J. Clauer on request

Poultry Educational Resources linked to the PSU Poultry Extension Program site are excellent resources to help support the 4-H poultry program as well. Please check the Topics Index and Resource Links sections for answers to many of your questions.

National Avian Bowl Manual is the reference manual for the Avian Bowl contest. One (1) manual can be obtained from Phillip J. Clauer for the coach of each team. Additional copies are available from Clemson University Bulletin Room, Room 82, Poole Agricultural Bldg., Clemson, SC 29634. $12.00 per copy.

National Poultry Judging Manual, teaches everything you need to know about 4-H Poultry Judging Contests. The manual covers judging of production hens and oral reasons. Grading eggs and ready-to-cook carcasses and teaches ready-to-cook broiler parts identification. 31 pages.

Bantams University of Wisconsin NCR publication. Discusses in great detail about Bantams and how to successfully raise a small flock for hobby. Also makes an excellent members guide. 16 pages.

Chicken Breeds and Varieties. University of Wisconsin Publication A2880 Discusses the various classes, breeds and variety of chickens. Tells about the use, origin and characteristics of 45 of the more common breeds of chickens. Excellent for discussion at club meetings. 17 pages.

Pigeon Resource Manual. Purdue University Cooperative Extension Publication 4-H 742. Raising and working with pigeons is an ideal learning experience for 4-H'ers. This 37 page manual covers how to get started, housing, feeding, care and showing pigeons as well as other suggested project activities. One copy of this manual will be free to poultry project leaders. Additional Copies can be purchased from Purdue University Cooperative Extension .

Raising Waterfowl University of Wisconsin Publication A3311 Discusses in great detail about waterfowl and how to successfully raise a small flock for food or hobby. Also makes an excellent members guide. 16 pages.