Poultry Raising Projects

Members may take a poultry project to raise poultry for meat or egg production, fancy or exhibition, or just as pets.

These projects also support many of the contest offered in the poultry project area.

available through extension distribution for 4-H Members

available only on-line for 4-H members

available through extension distribution or on-line

Poultry showmanship is a contest where the youth will be given an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of poultry as well as his/her ability to carry, examine and position their bird in the cage for a judge. It is intended to judge the youth for their knowledge and ability to care for their bird. Resources to develop this locally follows.

Publications available for PA 4-H leaders and members only through the office of Phillip J. Clauer on request

fact sheets to help 4-Her's and their leaders

Some very helpful information about the chicken, the egg and the modern poultry industry.