What you need to know to have a successful project

Important procedures to consider

  1. Plan the exact dates during which you wish to do this project. Many teachers use this material as a supplement to a specific curriculum like biology, human sexuality, human development or other related topics. It is extremely important that you understand that this is a continuous project for at least a 25-day period. Plan the project around holidays and testing periods. It is usually best to plan to set your eggs on a Tuesday. This allows you to prepare on Monday and insures that the chicks will not hatch on a weekend.
  2. Make sure that after handling the eggs, raw egg products, incubated eggs, chicks or litter; that all students and teachers wash their hands to prevent possible bacterial contamination.
  3. Before you order eggs, plan what you will do with the chicks that hatch. Contact a farmer, zoo or other animal caretakers who are equipped to care for the chicks properly. NEVER allow chicks to go home with students from your class. It is your responsibility to make sure that the chicks get a good home.