Malformed chicks in poor hatch, usually associated with an excessive number of chicks dead in shell, with a high incidence of malpositions


  • Eggs held too long before setting, even under good conditions, or eggs held at length of time at improper levels of temperature and/or humidity.
  • Eggs chilled before setting.
  • Improper turning or setting
  • Inadequate ventilation
  • Abnormally high or abnormally low incubator temperature.
  • Insufficient moisture.
  • Damage to eggs in shipment caused by jarring or shipping them with large end down.
  • Eggs from poor quality stock.


  • Try not to hold eggs more than seven days if at all possible and then only if holding conditions are ideal.
  • Gather eggs quickly, cool properly before casing, and hold under proper conditions.
  • Provide adequate ventilation of the incubator room and proper openings of the incubator ventilators. Do not recirculate air. Supply 100% fresh, tempered air.
  • Maintain proper temperature levels throughout the incubation cycle.
  • Maintain proper humidity levels throughout the incubation cycle.
  • Hatching eggs must be shipping good quality, well-protected egg cases or equivalent, with small end down. Avoid rough handling