Jamesway's Embrology Posters

Jamesway Incubator company as a very nice poster showing the hens ovaries, fertile and non-fertile germinal spots and daily embryonic development.

Jamesway's policy has been to allow each institution or program to request one free poster per year which is send out by mail.   Groups, educational institutions and university extension programs can request a number of posters at a cost of  $10.00 per poster and in those instances Jamesway has recommended they be sent by courier to ensure their arrival in good condition and in a timely fashion.   Jamesway usually shares in the courier cost.   Depending on the number of posters ordered Jamesway contributes additional free posters i.e.  for every 5  posters purchased a free one is added.    As long as supply permits purchased posters will be the laminated ones, free posters  are not laminated.


Requests can be sent  to Sharon Bouchard at sharonb@jamesway.com or by  fax 519-624-5803