2010 delegation

L to R:
Contest Area

Kelly Bletz Centre Avian Bowl
Heidi Benner
Egg Cookery 2nd
Sandy Haagen Centre Avian Bowl Coach
Megan Klawitter Dauphin Chicken Barbecue 5th
Dana Lape Lebanon Poultry Judging Coach
Daulton Lape Lebanon Poultry Judging Team
Dylan Lape Lebanon Poultry Judging Team

14th Overall
7th Market Poultry

Rebecca Martin
Avian Bowl
Hannah Misner
Poultry Judging Team
Brandon Schaufler Centre Avian Bowl

Angie Shaw

Dauphin Cookery Coach
Ashley Shaw Lebanon Poultry Judging Team

9th Overall
3rd Market Poultry

Phillip J. Clauer PSU State Specialist
Gregory Martin Capital Region Extension Educator

Avian Bowl Placing

  • Seated 2nd after Quiz
  • 5th Place Team

Poultry Judging Team Placings

  • 5th Place Team Overall
  • 4th Place Team Market Poultry
  • 10th Place Team Production Hens and Oral Reasons
  • 11th Place Team Market Eggs

2010 National Press Release