Penn State Extension Military Youth Program's mission is to provide support for all military children Penn State Extension, in collaboration with state partners, establishes programs to support and empower today’s military youth and strives towards increasing community awareness of issues, both physical and emotional, that these youth face. State and regional teams continuously strategize ways to help these youth cope with such issues both at home and in the community.

Penn State Extension Military Youth Program encompasses the following values: 
  • Compassion
  • Respect
  • Commitment   
  • Cooperation
  • Educate   
  • Trust

Program Components:

Community Workshops

Offer communities insight into military culture and the deployment cycle. It also increases understanding of the unique issues facing military youth. Participants obtain an introduction to the military and its customs and culture, the seven steps of the deployment process, dealing with the media, fostering resilience in young people, and building a community capacity to support military kids. For more on Community Workshops

4-H Military Partnership

4-H National Headquarters partners with U.S. Army Child Youth & School Services, U.S. Air Force Airman and Family Services, U.S. Navy Child and Youth Programs, and Marine Children, Youth and Teen Programs to support 4-H clubs and activities for military youth. 

87% of Pennsylvania’s Military Child & Youth population resides in counties that do not contain active duty military installations, resulting in them not being near traditional military support systems. Although military installations and armories are not in each of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties, 4-H is available and provides consistent programming in a supportive and safe environment for military kids. For more on 4-H Military Partnership

Residential Camps

Our camp program continues to grow each year. High demand among military families in all phases of deployment cycle in search of  high quality programs to support their military children continues to grow.

The Pennsylvania Camp Planning Team prides itself on a high caliber camping program directly supporting the development of communication, self-efficacy, competence, relationship and resilience skills in the context of deployment support. For more on Residential Camps

Local/Regional Support Networks

Regional teams have been developed to focus on specific needs of military youth in various parts of the state. Both state and regional teams strive for increasing community awareness of issues, both physical and emotional, faced by these youth. For more on Support Networks