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Introduction The Pennsylvania 4-H Wildlife Habitat Evaluation Project is a project designed to teach youth about the fundamentals of wildlife management. Although it also includes a state-level competitive judging event (held in April), its primary function is educational. Wildlife biology and natural resources management are learned through participation in this project. Additional benefits come from the development of leadership capabilities, meeting other youth interested in wildlife, and interacting with wildlife professionals from across the state. For older 4-H’ers (14 years old as of January 1 of the current year) there are also opportunities to travel and compete at the national contest held in a different part of the United States each year (usually at the end of July). In this project, youth learn that management for wildlife means management of wildlife habitat and providing for the needs of wildlife. While the information found in this handbook is provided for: 1) learning wildlife habitat management concepts, and 2) preparing participants for the state-level judging event, it is also the basis of the project itself. 4-H’ers should have a familiarity with wildlife before taking this project. The Wildlife Is All Around Us and The Wildlife Ecologist 4-H Books provide an excellent background. The project addresses wildlife concepts and applies them to the four main activities below: Activity I: Identification and Knowledge of Selected Wildlife Species Activity II: Understanding of Wildlife Habitat Activity III: On-Site Recommendation of Wildlife Habitat Managem

An estimated 35,000 + children in Pennsylvania have at least one parent currently serving in either the National Guard, Reserve, or Active Duty component of the military. In Pennsylvania, Operation: Military Kids strives to provide support to these children through various programs during this difficult time. We recognize the sacrifices these children make and want to commend them for their courage. OMK is administered through Penn State Extension.

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4-H Water Project Unit 3. This project is most appropriate for youth ages 12– 16. It addresses several portions of Pennsylvania’s Academic Standards for Environment and Ecology: 4.1.7 and 4.1.10.