Children grow and develop rapidly. As parents, you want to make the most of these years and ensure that your children are involved in activities that will help them learn life skills. 4-H has the same goals.

Pennsylvania 4-H Youth Development is dedicated to our young people. The program fosters citizenship, leadership, social understanding, better family living and growth through a variety of learning experiences.

4-H is a family affair

Parents, grandparents, guardians, brothers, sisters—everyone in the family can be a part of the 4-H experience. 4-H offers many opportunities for families to do things together. Picnics, fairs, trips, camps, shows, and special club and countywide events are designed for family participation.

Family involvement in 4-H can help you and your child to develop common interests. It can also put you in touch with other 4-H families and help to strengthen your family’s social network. We invite you to become a 4-H family.

What Parents Can Do

Your involvement in 4-H can ensure the best learning experience for your child. You will also have opportunities to grow and learn.

  • Show enthusiasm for your child’s 4-H participation. Furnish interest and support.
  • Take an interest in your child’s 4-H projects and activities. Listen, look and offer suggestions, but don’t take over. A child learns by his or her mistakes and successes.
  • Help your child to select 4-H projects. Find out what is to be learned and how. Teach him/her the value of projects and presentations done well and on time. Promote learning of time management skills and the importance of follow-through.
  • Encourage regular attendance at club meetings and involvement in 4-H activities. Attend meetings with them. Get to know the 4-H leader. Lend a hand whenever you can. Stay informed about what your child and club are doing.

Youth Safety

Penn State Extension Youth Safety Information

More Information

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