State Council January Reports

Farm Show and SLC's what January's are made of!

By Annah Burke
State 4-H Council Reporter & Historian

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Andrea Repetz – Cumberland County, President

President Andrea Repetz has had an exciting month. For promotional events, she attended the 2019 Pennsylvania Farm Show attending event like the Butter Sculpture Unveiling, PA Preferred Reception, Opening Ceremonies, Potato Judging, Celebrity Feed Scurry Competition, and Government Officials Day. She has completed three- and one-half hours of community service this month by volunteering at the Selinsgrove afterschool REC center, completing yard work and painting structures. A personal accomplishment made by Andrea includes successfully moving back into school as well kicking off her Winter Service Experience with her service program at Susquehanna University. Contacts made this month consist of various Lancaster Farming staff members, Beverly Kent- Lancaster Farming, volunteers serving at the PA 4-H booth during Farm Show, Catie Englebert-Pennsylvania Apple Queen, Elizabeth Voight- Pennsylvania Fair Queen, Tori Miller- Pennsylvania Maple Ambassador, Kayla Repasky- Miss Pennsylvania, Senator Kristin Phillips-Hill, and Charlie Batch- Former NFL Quarterback.

Julia Jumper- Westmoreland County, Vice President of Operations and Events

This past month Vice President of Operations and Events, Julia Jumper was able to represent State Council in numerous ways. For promotional events Julia was able to attend the Pennsylvania Farm Show, attending events included Butter Sculpture Reveal, PA Preferred reception, Opening Ceremonies, Scholarship Breakfast, Celebrity Driving Contest, Celebrity Milking Contest, FFA Convention, Public Officials Luncheon, 4-H Potato Judging, and Story Time. Roughly 25 hours of community service were completed at Farm Show volunteering at Lancaster Farming and Hess's Barbeque. Julia’s personal accomplishments includes making the Presidents List last semester and successfully emceeing Opening Ceremonies of the 103rd Pennsylvania Farm Show. Contacts made this month include Senator Bob Casey, Congressman GT Thompson, Congressman Dwight Evans, Governor Tom Wolf, former Quarterback Charlie Batch, Miss Pennsylvania, State Fair Queen Elizabeth Voight, Lancaster Farming Staff, Hess's BBQ staff, Pennsylvania 4-H’ers, and Department of Agriculture staff.

Kayla Kimble- Clinton County, Vice President of Internal Affairs and Sentinel

Kayla Kimble has had a great month. For promotional events, Kayla attended the Pennsylvania Farm Show for promotional events attending events including the Butter Sculpture Unveiling, PA Preferred Banquet, and Congressman Thompson’s Town Hall Meeting. While there, Kayla also helped work the Lancaster Farming Booth and the PA 4-H Healthy Living Exhibit. One- and one-half hours of volunteer work was completed sorting and packaging shoes to donate for the Shoebox Recycling Program. One of Kayla’s personal accomplishments this month was creating a PowerPoint to accompany her with her SLC Jr. workshop. Several contacts made by Kayla this month include Catie Englebert - 2018 PA Apple Queen, Torrie Miller - 2018 PA Maple Ambassador, Elizabeth Voight - 2018 Pennsylvania State Fair Queen, Carrie Rutledge - 2019 PA Lamb and Wool Queen, Mark Ott - PA Forestry Association Board of Directors, John Laskowski - PA Forestry Association Board of Directors, Lloyd Smucker - US House of Representatives, Dan Meuser - US House of Representatives, Josh Shapiro - PA Attorney General, John Fetterman - PA Lieutenant Governor Elect, Marra Baker - PSU Ag Advocate Advisor, Jillian Barskey - PSU Ag Advocate, Dylan Schoemaker - PSU Ag Advocate, and Charlie Batch - Former Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback & Advocate for the American Dairy Association.

Caroline Benfer- Union County, Secretary

Secretary Caroline Benfer was able to accomplish many things this past month. For promotional events, Caroline was able to spend time at the Pennsylvania Farm Show attending the PA Preferred Banquet. Throughout her time at the Farm Show, she was able to raise awareness for the 4-H program and all the possibilities 4-h has to offer. A personal accomplishment this month includes preparing to go back to Juanita College for the Spring Semester. Several contacts were made including Secretary Russel Redding, Governor Tom Wolf, Major General Anthony Carrelli, Michael Martin, Mike Firestein, George Sherry, Senior Associate Dean Steve Loerch, Acting Director of Penn State Extension Dr. Jeff Hyde, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education Dr. Tracey Hoover, members of the PA Department of Agriculture, and respected members of the Pennsylvania agricultural community.

Annah Burke- Forest County, Reporter-Historian

Annah Burke has done many things this past month. For promotional events, Annah attend the 2019 Pennsylvania Farm Show, attending events including the Butter Sculpture Unveiling, PA Preferred Banquet, Opening Ceremonies, FFA Midwinter Convention, Farm Show Scholarship Breakfast. Potato Judging, Celebrity Horse Driving Contest, Public Officials Luncheon, Celebrity Milking Contest, and Story Time. Annah also attended the 4-H Winter Formal to help raise money for 4-H’ers in Venango County attend State events, as part of Venango County 4-H member Lucy Hutchinson’s Diamond Clover Award. Several community service hours were completed by helping at Hess’s BBQ booth and the Lancaster Farming booth during Farm Show week. A few of Annah’s personal accomplishments include surviving 10 days of Farm Show and being a recipient of the Farm Show Scholarship. Several Contacts made this month consist of State Dairy Princess, State FFA Officers, Secretary of Agriculture- Russell Redding, Governor of Pennsylvania- Tom Wolf, Kelly O'Donnell-Policy Director for Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, Elizabeth De Maaged- Senior Representative for Stakeholder Relations at Seneca Resources, Victoria Cooper- Representative for Stakeholder Relations at Seneca Resources, and Philip Gruber- Staff Writer for Lancaster Farming.