Important Information Regarding 2019 4-H State Achievement Days

For some time now, 4-H leadership has been reviewing the objectives, format and member participation for several of our statewide events to gain more interest and increase attendance. To review and assess the many factors that come into play to meet the interest of our 4-H members, while providing them with a positive youth development experience, we have decided to cancel this year’s 4-H State Achievement Days.

State Days is an important statewide event and we want to ensure that it receives the attention and resources needed to make it an event that all youth, regardless of project area, want attend.

Please note that we are not permanently doing away with 4-H State Achievement Days. This event, although it may look a bit different and have a new name, will be re-launched in 2020.  We are currently in the process of determining what the interests of the youth are and what they are looking for in a summer conference experience.  Based on the enrollment trends and the increasing costs of the State Days event, we recognize that changes need to be made.  We are also hoping to provide more opportunities for the younger middle school aged youth. We are simply taking a year hiatus to review, regroup, rebrand and relaunch an updated experience that will be grounded in positive youth development practices and truly have an impact on the youth who are attending.

The following contests/events will still take place this year.

These contests are scheduled for Wednesday, August 7, 2019 at University Park:

  • State Fashion Revue
  • Chicken BBQ and Presentation
  • Turkey BBQ and Presentation

Submissions for the following contests will take place electronically (more information will be available in the future):

  • Presentations
  • Public Speaking

Additional information for the following events will be available soon:

  • 4-H Food Challenge
  • Photography
  • Poster Art
  • Small Animal Essay

We will be keeping you updated with further correspondence through 4HOnline. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Amy Gregor via email at .