Show Us Your Bean: Connecting Science Education to the Garden

It's been more than 80 days since we planted our beans at the PA Farm Show. We want to see how they grew!

An example of what one of our beans looks like now!

An example of what one of our beans looks like now!

PA 4-H Asks Farm Show 4-H Exhibit Participants: How Has Your Bean Grown?

Visitors were treated to agricultural food, fun, and education including a hands-on seed germination and plant growing science project with the Pennsylvania 4-H Program. The activity gave youth a chance to understand the entire life cycle of a plant from seed to harvest using a bean Grow House and a few snap bean seeds. The Grow House provided a clear view of seeds as they sprouted through the early growth process. In moving the young plants to a pot of soil, the entire growing process through flowering and bean production could be observed in just 68 days.


Recently, the first success story was shared by a participant. We are looking for other examples of the Farm Show Snap Bean Project. If your child carried the project through to harvest at home, we’d like to hear their story. We welcome a picture of the project, with or without your child, and a few comments about their experience. Photos can be posted to any of our social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram. Sharing your photo with us gives us permission to use the photo in press releases or impact statements about the project. Photos and stories can also be emailed to