Foods and Nutrition Projects

For 2003-2004, the curriculum will include the following projects. The beginner, intermediate, and advanced projects on the left-hand side will be discontinued in 2004-2005. On the right hand side of the page are new projects that will be incorporated this year and will be available next year. The microwave project should be revised in 2004.

Microwave Projects (current for 2007-2008 project year)

  • J0800A Microwave Magic Level 1: Bag of Tricks
  • J0800C Microwave Magic Leaders Guide
  • J0810A Microwacve Magic Level 2: Micro Magicians
  • J0820A Microwave Magic Level 3: Amazing Rays
  • J0830A Microwave Magic Level 4: Presto Meals 

For All Members and Leaders (once in your foods and nutrition project career)

  • J0610D Food Guide Pyramid
  • J0405A Food Demonstrations

Leader's Guide Video: 4-H Foods Leader’s Guide, revised 2001 edition

Nutrition Links Programs (EFNEP and NEP Only)

  • Nutrition Links Notebook (available from Korey Harrington in Nutrition Links office)
  • Professor Popcorn (information available from Julie Haines in Nutrition Links office)

Curriculum 2007-2008

  • J0690A I Spy in the Kitchen
  • J0692A Let's Bake Quick Bread
  • J0691A Star Spangled Foods
  • J0693A Yeast Breads on the Rise
  • J0694A Global Gourmet