Club Projects and Resources

The 4-H program provides opportunities for youth and their families to participate in positive youth development experiences.

Four-H projects in a variety of subjects serve as vehicles for youth to experience and acquire life skills in four areas:

  1. Personal development
  2. Communicating, working, and relating to others
  3. Problem solving and decision making
  4. Managing resources

The Pennsylvania 4-H List of Publications describes publications available to support 4-H projects. These include member manuals and records, leader guides, and other publications for Pennsylvania youth and their families. When you find a project you and your family like, call your county extension office to order the information.


There are numerous 4-H projects from which to choose that are described on the following pages. Each project has a brief description and what the roundup requirements are for that project. Many of the project books contain what the member must complete for roundup in the book. Members are encouraged to take projects that interest him or her. Other groups and schools may also use 4-H curriculum free of charge.

We encourage members and parents or guardians to look through the project book when you receive it to make certain that the project can be completed by the member or with some help from an adult or teen leader from the club. If you think that the project cannot be completed, just return the book and try to find a project that suits the member and his or her abilities or interests.

After each project, you will find the “Roundup Requirements” for that particular project. For each project, the member must have his or her completed record and/or project book with them at the time of judging. Many of the project or record books list what the member is required to do for roundup within its text. A story is to be written or typed for each project.

Please note: Roundup Requirements are not necessarily the same as Fair Entry Requirements. Before entering a project in the fair, please be sure to check that fair's tabloid for entry requirements.

Where ages appear, it is referring to the 4-H member’s age(s) as of January 1 of the current year.

To Enroll

To enroll in a club project in your county, contact your county Penn State Extension office.

Includes farm animals, dogs, cats, fish, pet care and Veterinary Science

Includes Entomology (bugs), Forestry, Horticulture, Plant Sciences, Wildlife, and Water Conservation

Pennsylvania 4-H programs can help children develop a lifelong interest in science and technology at an early age. Hands-on projects encourage scientific inquiry and learning experiences that can start 4-H youth on a path toward successful careers. Science and technology programs include: