As a 4-H member, you will have opportunities to participate, not only locally, but also in regional, state, and even national events!

4-H State Council

A premier group of 4-H members selected from around the state to be the official spokespeople for the Pennsylvania 4-H Program. State Council members participate in all aspects of the 4-H program. travel, make public appearances representing the state organization, and earn recognition for their leadership and dedication. Those who serve must demonstrate integrity, teamwork, and pride in the organization. Being a council member is the highest position a person can attain in the 4-H state organization. Visit the PA 4-H State Council website

All 4-H members ages 16 to 18 are encouraged to apply

4-H State Capital Days

Each year 4-H members from around the state converge in Harrisburg for an opportunity to learn about civic engagement and how Pennsylvania state government works. During the event, participants study the process of legislation through hands-on activities. They learn about parliamentary procedure and reading bills as well as participate in a mock legislative session to debate a bill. In addition, they attend various workshops centered around leadership and citizenship. This experience is an excellent opportunity for youth to enhance their leadership skills and learn what they can do as a resident of Pennsylvania to make an impact on local and state government --now and in the future!

This event takes place in March or April of every year.

All 4-H members ages 14 to 18 are encouraged to attend.

4-H State Achievement Days

This annual event, held on the University Park campus, provides an opportunity for Pennsylvania 4-Her's to demonstrate knowledge they've gained through participation in the 4-H program. Youth are recognized for their 4-H achievements and accomplishments for the year. State Achievement Days consists of a variety of contests (competitive and noncompetitive) as well as community service activities.

This event takes place in July or August of every year.

All 4-H members ages 13 to 18 are encouraged to attend.

4-H State Leadership Conference

This conference is for 4-H teens who want to reach their top leadership potential. Teens from across Pennsylvania come together for a weekend of advanced leadership training, networking, and learning experiences. Keynote speakers include educators who are leaders in their respective fields. The conference is an opportunity to build and perfect the kinds of skills to be used for a lifetime.

This conference takes place the end of January/beginning of February every year.

All 4-H members ages 13 to 18 are encouraged to attend.