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4-Hers share their thoughts regarding their participation as a 4-H Ambassador.

Ambassador Thoughts

This year as a County Ambassador I had a lot of fun. I participated in multiple activities. The activity I had the most fun with would have to be Pottstown School's Family Night. We got to help the little kids make take home crafts and at the same time informed their parents or guardians about all the things 4-H has to offer. I remember being suprised by how many people were clueless as to what 4-H was. I also got to help with the preparation for the fair. I helped look up radio station's phone numbers and called to ask if they were willing to advertise. I think the reason why I enjoyed this so much was because it made me feel like I was really part of 4-H, they counted on me to get the word out. At the annual November 4-H meeting/Farm Credit awards dinner I worked as a hostess and handed out programs. I also had a photo of me and two other 4-H members for National 4-H week. The picture was posted in the newspaper.

- Montgomery County Ambassador

I have enjoyed many Ambassador activities this year. I helped with a Brownie troop visit to the 4-H Center. I helped run an informational booth at the Pottstown Family Fair and also helped at the informational booth during the Montgomery County 4-H Fair. Prior to the fair, I called several TV and radio stations to ask them to advertise the 4-H Fair. Thanks to the great weather, the fair was very successful this year. During State Days, another 4-H member and I carried the flag at the opening ceremonies. I had the privilege of presenting a speech to the Souderton Rotary Club at their July meeting. I spoke about the opportunities that 4-H has to offer and the difference that 4-H has made in my life. The Rotary club is a big supporter of the 4-H fair and market sale. They were very nice and I think the speech went well enough considering I just had my wisdom teeth out 2 days before!

- Montgomery County Ambassador