4-H Ambassadors

4-H has often been referred to as the "best kept secret in town". Getting the word out that 4-H is not only thriving, but making a positive impact on kids is news that should be shared in every county. Kids are having fun, making friends, working with great adult volunteers and learning skills that will have an impact for the rest of their lives. The PA 4-H County Ambassador program is one way to turn the secret into public knowledge.

The role of ambassador is very important and one to be taken very seriously. Ambassadors will be called on to serve as primary spokespersons for the 4-H program at the county level. That role may include giving a speech to civic groups, handing out programs at an event, speaking on radio/video or hosting a group or activity. Young people, ages 13 and over, interested in becoming an ambassador should be well groomed, able to adjust to new experiences without too much anxiety, feel passionately about 4-H, and be willing to accept a high level of responsibility. The Ambassador term is one year. Previous ambassadors may reapply to serve additional terms.

Each ambassador participates in specialized training sessions that review the skills needed to be a successful ambassador. This training will take place during the State 4-H Leadership Conference held in February. These sessions engage youth in identifying their strengths and working on areas of challenge.

4-Hers share their thoughts regarding their participation as a 4-H Ambassador.