Forms for Volunteers

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4-H Program Medical Treatment Authorization Form Fillable

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In the event of an incident resulting in a bodily injury or property damage occurs during any 4-H/extension volunteer event or activity please complete an Incident Form. It is your responsibility to complete the form and to obtain the name, address and telephone number of witnesses to the incident. This responsibility also applies to the Extension staff who is involved in the event. Extension volunteers and staff are to refrain from discussing incidents that occur, but to report to Penn State's Risk Management Office. All legal correspondence associated with an incident should be reported immediately to the Risk Management Office.

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Pennsylvania 4-H recognizes the right and responsibility of every 4-H member to contribute to the costs of participating in the 4-H program to the best of his/her ability. The values and life skills that are taught through the 4-H program are basic to all programs for which Opportunity Funds are available. The Pennsylvania 4-H Program Fee is annually per member. Individuals may request any increment of the fee up to the full amount using the form.

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2015 Vendor Form

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4-H/Volunteer OR County Extension Association Contract Approval/Certificate of Insurance Request Form. Any paperwork that will be signed by a Volunteer or the President of the County Extension Association must be reviewed by The Wood Office Prior to signing. (ie: Agreements, Applications, Use of Facility forms, Rules & Regulations, Leases, Contracts or Grant Proposals)