E-Learning for 4-H Volunteers

Pennsylvania has joined twenty-two other states in utilizing a series of interactive online training modules developed specifically for 4-H volunteers.

The series is comprised of four interactive online modules:

  • About 4-H
  • Positive Youth Development
  • Getting Started with 4-H
  • Leadership and Teaching

The modules focus on material and resources all 4-H leaders need and provide an excellent introduction for new leaders as well as a useful refresher for current volunteers.

Because the E-Learning for 4-H Volunteers modules are available online, volunteers will be able to access them from any computer with an internet connection at any time of the day or night, making it very convenient for volunteers with tight schedules.

Upon successful completion of each module, the volunteer is able to print out a certificate of completion. Those who complete the modules may return to the site at any time to review the information and resources contained in the modules.

To access the E-Learning for 4-H Volunteers modules, you may log on to the course page here. Please use the password of volunteer.

We hope you enjoy this volunteer learning opportunity.

Important Notes

Because the E-Learning for 4-H Volunteers Series is utilized by volunteers in 22 states, you may notice some minor deviations from Pennsylvania 4-H procedures within the modules.

These differences are:

  • The modules contain a reference to "family clubs." Pennsylvania 4-H does not encourage family clubs.
  • There is a reference to a requirement for background checks for volunteers. Pennsylvania 4-H screens all volunteers including background checks.
  • There is a reference to "ski clubs." Pennsylvania 4-H does not recognize ski clubs.
  • The modules include an age range for 4-H participation of kindergarten to 19. The Pennsylvania 4-H Policy and Resource Manual states:

For a youth to be considered as a 4-H member, he or she must: Be at least five years of age and not have passed their nineteenth birthday before January 1. The one exception is that a nineteen or twenty-year old can exhibit at the Pennsylvania Farm Show if he/she was enrolled as a regular 4-H member during the previous year.

Please note that completion of the E-Learning for 4-H Volunteers is a training opportunity and does not, in and of itself, guarantee your acceptance as a volunteer with Penn State Extension 4-H Programs.