Section 30: Opportunities for 4-H Leaders

Section 30: Civil Rights Responsibilities

Section 30: Civil Rights Responsibilities

County Opportunities

The county extension office provides resource materials to familiarize volunteers with their role as 4-H leaders. The 4-H member projects have accompanying leader guides to assist the 4-H leader with teaching of various projects. In addition, there are resource guides for officer duties, recreation, and song leading available.

Also, a county or district newsletter will provide updates regarding specific leader and member opportunities. During the year 4-H leader education/orientation presentations are provided adult and teen leaders on a group and individual basis.

District/State Education Programs

Each year leader training opportunities are provided at the district, regional or state level. The topics include specific project information as well as techniques on how to assist youth grow and develop through different aspects of the 4-H program. To find out more about many of these opportunities visit the PA 4-H website at

Local, State, & National Chaperone Opportunities

4-H leaders with experience and interest in the 4-H program are given an opportunity to accompany youth to various educational programs at local, state and national levels. Examples of these opportunities for adult leaders include contests, camp, Farm Show, State Achievement Days, and National 4-H events.

Middle Management

Often experienced leaders are invited to teach other leaders about specific topics. Often experienced leaders are also invited to assist with the planning and conducting of various 4-H programs.


Adult and teen leaders with special talents are recognized for their accomplishments at annual recognition events and at various occasions during the year. Certificates, years of service pins and letters of appreciation are examples of how leaders are recognized.

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Section 30: Opportunities for 4-H Leaders


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