Section 24: Dear Parent..

We're glad your child is involved in 4-H and we would like to invite you and your family to become a 4-H family. You, your child, and the rest of your family will learn and have fun in the 4-H program. Boys and girls who have the interest and support of their families have a special 4-H experience.

 What is 4-H?

4-H is a youth development program of Penn State Extension that fosters citizenship, leadership, and growth through a variety of learning experiences. As a 4-H member, your child will participate in a variety of ways. 4-H'ers "learn by doing" through involvement in projects. 4-H members make new friends and learn to work and play with other young people and with adults. They develop self-confidence by speaking before groups and by receiving recognition for their achievements.

What is a 4-H group or club?

Boys and girls ages 5 to 19 meet to plan and direct their own programs under the leadership of screened and approved adult volunteers. Older 4-H members may also help with club activities as Teen Leaders. 4-H'ers may belong to an organized club or special interest group, participate in a school enrichment program, or study alone with a parent or other adult. They may meet on a formal basis with elected officers and hold regular meetings or meet informally to work on their projects.

What is a 4-H project?

Projects are tools used to teach 4-H members responsibility and decision making and help them develop appreciation and take initiative. Working on a 4-H project enables a 4-H'er to learn about a variety of subjects or develop a skill. A Pennsylvania member may choose from over 150 projects, including gardening, sewing, pet care, rocketry, careers, wildlife, livestock, horses, food and nutrition, and child care. Members between the ages of 5 to 8 years old participate in Cloverbud 4-H projects.

Who helps your child?

Adult or teen volunteers or family members assist and guide 4-H members as they work on projects and participate in various activities.

What can parents do?

Now that your child is a 4-H member, the whole family can participate. Mothers, fathers, grandparents, brothers, sisters—everyone in the family can be a part of the 4-H experience, together. Today many families become fragmented because of jobs and individual interests. 4-H offers many opportunities for families to do things together. Picnics, fairs, trips, camps, shows, and special club and countywide events are designed for family participation. You and your family are invited to be a 4-H family.

Dollar-a-Year Insurance Programs

Some 4-H clubs participate in an accident insurance program for 4-H members and leaders while they are participating in 4-H activities. You should check with your 4-H leader about such optional insurance. Clubs participating in livestock and horse projects are encouraged to apply for the insurance. The intention of offering Special Activity and Dollar-A-Year programs is not to diminish the need for family health insurance or to replace the benefits that may be available
under a family medical plan. Rather it is the objective to provide the leader and the parents of each member entrusted to the care of a leader the assurance that, should the need arise, financial coverage is available to help pay the medical expenses of accidents occurring during the normal supervised activities of the 4-H program.

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Section 24: Dear Parent..


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