Section 21: Project Leader

This role description is intended to help make your job as a 4-H project leader easier. A project leader is responsible for training 4-H members, parents, or special interest groups within the local club in 4-H projects available to them. In addition, this individual will provide instruction on the proper procedure for completing a quality 4-H project and record book.


The project leader will work closely with all members, leaders, and parents involved in the 4-H club. In addition, he/she will assume responsibility for securing all project books for club members. To complete his/her duties, the project leader will establish a working relationship with other club leaders and with the extension office.

Duties & Responsibilities

• Inform club members and leaders about the use and availability of appropriate 4-H materials.
• Develop sample completed records to support projects.
• Provide information on project use and update the club on new materials developed by the extension office and the state 4-H office.
• Establish a working relationship with other leaders within the club.
• Encourage growth and quality project work.
• Keep the organization leader informed about work and plans.
• Attend leader educational sessions as needed or required.


The volunteer may continue in his/her role as long as the Extension Office agrees with the need for continued service. The volunteer must meet the requirement for screening, background clearances and required training including Building a Safe Penn State: Reporting Child Abuse training.

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Section 21: Project Leader


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