Section 20: Organization Leader

This role description is intended to help make your job as an organization leader easier. An organization leader is responsible for coordinating and managing a local 4-H club so that it functions smoothly. She/he works with and through others to help club members achieve goals and accomplish tasks. The more the club members, teen leaders, adult leaders, and others in the community get involved in different phases of the club's program, the stronger and more satisfying the experience will be.


Many different kinds of leaders are needed in a club to effectively serve the interests of young people. A leadership team that can work well together will ensure a successful 4-H club. Other leaders and adults will be willing to help with club activities when they realize they will be responsible for only one aspect of the shared leadership effort for a specific project. This cooperative effort will increase the number of people actively involved in the local 4-H program. Your role is to build the leadership team within your club and to serve as liaison between the local club and the extension office.

Duties and Responsibilities

• Organize the 4-H club.
• Recruit, encourage, and enlist additional leaders when needed.
• Train and guide club officers in their responsibilities.
• Act as adviser to the club and its leadership team.
• Inform parents of club activities and help them understand and become involved in the program.
• Serve as liaison between the local club and the extension office. Report enrollment, plan programs, organize meetings and events, and request training help or other assistance.
• Promote 4-H within the community.
• Encourage growth and quality 4-H programming in the local club.
• Attend leadership training sessions as needed or required.
• Follow established 4-H Youth Development Program policies. Sign a Memorandum of Understanding with Penn State and provide reports and documents to the Extension Office as requested.


The volunteer may continue in his/her role as long as the Extension Office agrees with the need for continued service. The volunteer must meet the requirement for screening, background clearances and required training including Building a Safe Penn State: Reporting Child Abuse training.

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Section 20: Organization Leader


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