Section 19: Volunteer Agreement

As a 4-H Volunteer, it is important that you understand what will be provided in the way of assistance from the extension staff and also what is expected of you as a volunteer. The following outlines information in an agreement that you may be asked to sign if you decide to volunteer—and we hope you do!

Penn State Extension Staff Agree To:

• Provide the volunteer with a copy of 4-H policies and procedures.
• Provide information on the volunteer's role and the organization.
• Set educational tone and direction with input from 4-H and Extension advisory committees.
• Provide program support.
• Provide assistance, support, and encouragement.
• Give recognition for time and energy devoted to 4-H and Extension.
• Implement on-going affirmative action policies and assist volunteers in doing the same.

Volunteers Agree To:

• Meet leadership requirements and enroll as a leader.
• Follow the policies, philosophy, and procedures defined by Penn State University: the Assistant Director, 4-H Youth Development Programs; Extension staff; 4-H committees and the Extension Board.
• Fulfill outlined job requirements with no monetary compensation.
• Be supportive of the 4-H program and its activities at all levels.
• Abide by the 4-H volunteer code of conduct.
• Affirm that the 4-H program actively seeks diverse membership from every racial, ethnic, religious, and socio-economic group.
• Provide the Extension office with all required information regarding the club including membership information, financial reports, and club officer changes on a timely basis.

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Section 19: Volunteer Agreement


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