Other Opportunities

The more parents and guardians are involved, the greater the benefits will be for 4-H members.

Consider these options:

Short-Term Volunteer

Teach a special interest program or assist a 4-H group with a special project.


Accompany a youth group to a special event or activity.

Supportive Parent or Guardian

Take interest in your child’s project. Visit when your child is taking part in an event.

What does 4-H do to ensure the safety of children and youth?

4-H has a volunteer-screening policy. County Cooperative Extension offices have complete details about the process. In addition, policies and procedures are in place to ensure 4-H programs take place in a positive and safe environment.

What must I do to become a volunteer?

Contact the 4-H educator in your county to express your interest in volunteering. He/she can answer your questions and get you started on your way to a wonderful experience with 4-H youth in your area. You will go through a screening process (required for any person with unsupervised access to children) and orientation training.