General 4-H Information

Facts for Very Important People, 4-H Leaders and Penn State Extension Volunteers.

Find instructions to enroll in 4-H using the 4HOnline system.

The 4-H program provides opportunities for youth and their families to participate in positive youth development experiences.

Pennsylvania has joined twenty-two other states in utilizing a series of interactive online training modules developed specifically for 4-H volunteers.

Abbreviated version of history from "4-H in Pennsylvania" by Jerry H. Reyburn

When you volunteer to become a 4-H leader, you reap so many rewards, not only for yourself, but also for 4-H members, and your community.

Pennsylvania 4-Hers don’t just talk about the future—they’re creating their futures. They’ve found that learning can be fun! Answer the following questions and find out if 4-H is right for you, too.