The first 4-H Club was organized in 1924 with 4 members in Washington County under the influence of Ellwood Fulton who often said, "We believe boys and girls are our important product." Since its inception 4-H Club work has ranked high in importance in Extension projects in both Agriculture and Home Economics.

With a gradual growth ranging from three clubs with 60 members in 1926 to a high of 66 clubs with 1,245 members in 1959. In 1962 there were 49 clubs with 1,138 members. Dairy, Poultry, Gardening, Beef, Sheep, Swine, Flowers, Horse and Pony, Tractor Maintenance, Clothing, Foods, Home Making and Outdoor Life are a few of the many projects chosen by members.

Many awards were presented for excellence in 4-H in 1962: two first place State Dairy Judging Teams (Columbus and Harrisburg); three first place State Poultry Judging, one first place State Vegetable Judging team (New Orleans). Two young boys participated in the International Farm Youth Exchange to Luxembourg in 1954 and to France in 1958.

The first 4-H Jersey Club started in 1932, the first 4-H Capon Club started in 1940, and in 1936 there were 56 clubs, 1,331 members, and 1,783 projects. Local adult leaders have played a major role in the success of 4-H Community Clubs with 100 4-H leaders in 1962. Contributed by “Golden Harvest – Anniversary 1912-1962”.

In 2002 4-H looks a little different with 35 traditional 4-H clubs with an enrollment of 777 and 50 4-H school enrichment clubs with an enrollment of 1,397. Projects now include shooting sports, embryology, leadership, rocketry, and rabbits as well as the traditional animal projects. With over 200 4-H projects to choose from and two 4-H clubs with Cloverbud 4-H members, members under the age of 8, Washington County continues to grow and change.