Records show the first 4-H activities in Warren County were 4-H dairy members traveling to Penn State, Missouri and Wisconsin to study the best in dairy business.

The county agent from 1927 to 1958 was O.C.Tritt. The popular clubs in the 1930s were sewing in the Lander and Warren areas, pig clubs in the Scandia area, and cabbage club in the SIW township area.

In the 1940s, sewing club members used chicken feed bags to make 4- H shirts, tops and jumpers. Sugar sacks were bleached and used for blouses. Their community service projects were making Red Cross sewing kits for men in World War II. Bernie Wingert was the extension director 1958-1984, and Norman Perschke was 4-H and agriculture agent 1961-1986.

The Rotary Club of Warren began the 4-H Achievement program in 1962, and it continues each year. The 4-H building began in 1971 on the Warren County Fairgrounds and is the center of 4-H activities today. In the 1970s yearly international exchange county programs began, including a Polish American exchange in 2000-01. In 1980s the Warren Kiwanis Club sponsored the "Presentation Program" which led to a strong public speaking program. In 1990s the 4-H Dale Carnegie program inspired many youth into leadership roles. Eight people in the Warren 4-H program history have had career in Cooperative Extension including today's regional dairy specialist George Wilcox.

Contributed by Phyllis Wright, Warren County Extension Educator 1971 – present.