Tioga County 4-H had its beginning in 1927 with an 18 member dairy club in the Liberty area. Lawrence Heyd and Romain Miller – Liberty area were the first 4-H club leaders.

In 1928 and the early 30’s, County Extension Agent, Paul Korb and Home Economist Marjorie Heck began forming 4-H clubs in different areas of the county. The first projects were honeybees and capons. Specialists from Penn State came to teach and supervise 4-H projects.

Through the years… clubs seemed to fade for a while. The Liberty club, being close to Jackson Township-Lycoming County worked with them for a while. Other clubs were prevalent throughout the county in the mid 40’s and 50’s. Local, area, and county roundups were held during this time. Competition was keen through the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. One had to work hard to get into the county quota to go on to district competition in the dress revue, judging, showing, or demonstrations. In 1976 seventy five girls participated in the county dress revue.

One of the most memorable opportunities for 4-Hers was the National 4-H Club Congress in Chicago. Members from all over the state were chosen. Tioga County was well represented at this event in a variety of program areas.

Exchange trips have been popular. Tioga County 4-Hers have hosted and traveled to Iowa, New York, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Carolina, Missouri and New Hampshire. In the IFYE program, we’ve hosted folks from Chili, Columbia, South America, Switzerland, England, Norway, Taiwan, Australia, and Germany.

Information provided by Marilyn Norman, Liberty Community 4-H Club.