Due to the war effort boys' pig clubs were started to increase the production of pork in 1917. Seventy-six members from 12 clubs each fed a pig for 140 days.

The 11,000 pounds of pork produced, made a profit of $866 above the cost of feed and original cost of the pig. In 1919, Bucks was the banner pig club county in Pennsylvania with 338 boys and girls involved. In 1920, the top pig club girl received $205 for her prize Berkshire.

In 1922, calf clubs organized in Edgewood and Solebury had 6 and 8 members respectively. The unique calf lease program, which began in 1990 offers urban youth the opportunity to experience hands-on agriculture.

Danboro formed a club in 1934 which is still active. Members from the Gross family began with the 4-H program in 1917 and continue involvement with the Danboro Club.

Walter Conti, a renowned restaurateur and Penn State Trustee, began a boys' chef club in the mid 1960's. By 1975 school enrichment started with plant science.

The spring of 1978 the first Seeing Eye Puppy Club in Pennsylvania began in Bucks County. The first year the club had 4 members and raised 10 puppies for The Seeing Eye. To date 2,302 puppies have been raised by 1,285 Bucks County families to work as dog guides.

Contributed by Daniel Crooke, Christine Dickson, Kay Hastings, John Pope, Nancy Stephenson and Frances Vannoy