Robotics - Non-competitive

This is a team project; all requirements are to be completed as a team.

  • With your project leader, determine the task(s) your robot will complete for the current project year
  • Create a project outline at the beginning of the project outlining what you plan to do (how you will build your robot, etc) and display your outline at the York County 4-H Fair
  • Keep and maintain a robotics/programming notebook and display it at the York County 4-H Fair
  • Present the following at the York County 4-H Fair, either in person or via videotape:
  • A presentation about the team’s robot and how you did your project work; every member of the team must have a speaking role in your presentation
  • The team’s completed robot performing it’s task(s)
  • Give a brief “end of the project summary” through either a one page paper or a few minutes on the submitted video discussing things such as what went well, what didn’t, what your team plans to do differently next year, etc.  Display this at the York County 4-H Fair.