Keystone Recognition Forms

Find Keystone Recognition Forms here along with more information about them.

What is a Keystone Recognition Form and Why Complete One?

Great questions! Here are the answers.

What is a 4-H Keystone Recognition Form?

A Keystone Recognition Form (KRF) is what you complete in order to be recognized on the County level for the great project work you are doing all year long.

Why should I complete one of these?

By completing this form, you will be competing against other York County 4-H members who took the same projects you did. The forms will be judged and one member will be named as the Outstanding Member in each project area.

Where do I get a form?

The forms are located on our website, available at the 4-H office, and you can pick up one at the 4-H Center in the metal file boxes in the main hallways. Instructions and requirements can be found there, too.

Who should complete a form?

Everyone! Cloverbuds can complete an activity form; there is a KRF for Junior members (ages 8-13, 4-H age) and a Senior Form for members 14-18 (4-H age).

What if I need help?

Call or ask Linda, Lisa, Pam, or your club leader – it’s that simple! And watch for a Keystone Recognition Form workshop in the Fall – you will learn everything you want to know about how to complete the forms at this workshop.

Gee, what other neat awards are available that I didn’t know about?

Outstanding Officer Awards! Turn in your officer books and you can be recognized as the best in the county at what Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, News Reporter. The Outstanding Historian is the Historian who enters the Outstanding Club Portfolio.

When are these forms/books due?

All Keystone Forms, Outstanding Officers Books, and Outstanding Club Portfolios should be submitted to Lisa at the office by Dec. 30.

Have more questions?

Call or email Lisa at the office. Don’t miss out on this great chance to be recognized for your outstanding work AND to add these awards to your resume – very impressive on a college or scholarship application.