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School Information Sheet: Meet the Plants

Grades 3, 4 and 5.


  • To introduce students to plant structure, growth, uses and propagation
  • To teach observation skills by taking a closer look at various kinds of plants


  • Five lessons on plants, plant parts, uses of plants, plant growth and propagation with appropriate activities and experiments
  • Recording of observations by each student in individual project book
  • Display of activity/experiment results by students

Penn State Extension will provide:

  • Student project book
  • Teacher’s guide
  • Introductory lesson by Extension staff
  • Starter kit with items needed for completion of some activities
  • Extension staff support and expertise
  • Completion certificate for duplication and participant ribbon
  • Follow-up lesson by Extension staff

Schools Responsibility:

  • Provide member/student enrollment data
  • Complete five lessons by conducting one activity per lesson
  • Provide evaluation data upon request


  • $65.00 per classroom

Contact Information

Christina Danser-Cunnard
  • 4-H Assistant in Westmoreland County
Phone: 724-837-1402

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School Information Sheet: Meet the Plants


4-H School Enrichment Program

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