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Academic Standards: Meet the Plants

This project is most appropriate for youth ages 8 - 11.

It addresses Pennsylvania’s Academic Standards for:

Inquiry and Design:

3.2.4. C.

Recognize and use the elements of scientific inquiry to solve problems.

  • Generate questions about objects, organisms and/or events that can be answered through scientific investigations.
  • Conduct an experiment.

Biological Sciences:

3.3.4. A

Know the similarities and differences of living things.

  • Identify life processes of living things (e.g., growth, digestion, react to environment).
  • Describe basic needs of plants and animals.

3.3.4. B

Know that living things are made up of parts that have specific functions. Determine how different parts of a living thing work together to make the organism function.

3.3.4. D

Identify changes in living things over time.