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Magic of Electricity

4-H School Enrichment Program for grades 3-6.


  • To teach youth about electricity, currents, circuitry, and safety
  • To build different types of circuits


  • Age-appropriate activities which help youth develop an understanding of how electricity works
  • Youth work in teams to create projects

Penn State Cooperative Extension will provide:

  • A teacher’s guide, with coordinating student activities
  • Student project packets and handouts
  • Needed materials for circuitry exercises
  • Extension staff - led introductory lesson on electricity
  • A follow-up activity showcasing the projects built and magnetism experiments
  • Provide completion ribbons for each student

School’s Responsibility:

  • Provide member/student enrollment data
  • Teacher assist with students completion of project books
  • 1 bag of potatoes for supplemental activity
  • Teacher assist with experiments


  • $65 per classroom

Academic Standards: Magic of Electricity

This project is most appropriate for youth ages 8-14. It addresses Pennsylvania’s Academic Standards for:

3.2 Physical Sciences: Chemistry and Physics

3.2 .3.B4

Identify and classify objects and materials that are conductors or insulators of electricity. Identify and classify objects and materials as magnetic or non-magnetic


Apply knowledge of basic electrical circuits to the design and construction of simple direct current
circuits. Compare and contrast series and parallel circuits. Demonstrate that magnets have poles
that repel and attract each other.


Demonstrate how electrical circuits provide a means of transferring electrical energy when heat, light, sound, and chemical changes are produced. Demonstrate how electromagnets can be made and used.


Describe how electric current produces magnetic forces and how moving magnets produce electric
current. Derive Ohm’s Law through investigation of voltage, current, and resistance.


Explain how electrical current is produced by the flow of electrons. Explain and demonstrate how
electric current produces magnetic forces and how moving magnets produce electric current.


Science as inquiry for 4th grade

For more information contact:

Tina Danser
FAX 724-837-7613

Contact Information

Christina Danser-Cunnard
  • 4-H Assistant in Westmoreland County
Phone: 724-837-1402