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Oct 30, 2017

The mission of the PS4-HC is to promote and represent 4-H across the commonwealth.

Oct 30, 2017

Mark your calendars for January 26-28.

Oct 30, 2017

Reports must be submitted by each club no later than January 30.

Oct 30, 2017

Pennsylvania 4-H enrollment began October 15th.

Mar 24, 2017

If you are not enrolled through 4H Online (, you must do so by June 1. If your family was involved with 4-H last year, you have an account and a reset password can be emailed to you. Please do not set up a new family account if you participated last year.

NYSD is also held in conjunction with National 4-H Week!
Mar 3, 2017

Put your engineering skills to the test!

Dec 21, 2016

The 4-H program has several new projects that may interest you.

Apr 1, 2016

This year’s theme is Medieval Fun Festival.

Apr 1, 2016

Saturday, May 14

Apr 1, 2016
Apr 1, 2016

April 30-May 1. The overnighter is open to youth ages 9-12.

Apr 1, 2016

The program will be held July 25-27 and you must sign up by June 30.

Apr 1, 2016

April 23! It begins at 9:40 AM and runs until 3 PM in Rock Springs, PA

Apr 1, 2016

In conjunction with Tractor Supply April 13-24.

Apr 1, 2016

Members need to be enrolled by June 1.

Apr 1, 2016

June 9-12 at All Saints Ukrainian Orthodox Church Camp, located on the banks of the beautiful Allegheny River near Emlenton, PA.

Jan 8, 2016

Don’t forget to re-enroll into your 4-H club via 4-H Online.

Serving the community is one of the pillars of 4-H
Nov 24, 2015

PA 4-H is now a certifying organization to receive acknowledgement from the President of the United States for dedication of volunteer service.

Jul 27, 2015

All participants were challenged to be local Agricultural Advocates as they explored common misconceptions that are found in today’s media and culture about agriculture.