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New Animal Science Project Books

These books are an annual requirement.

All members should have received their new 4-H record books. These books are an annual requirement.
The record books are divided into three areas:

  1. Activities/Events
  2. Quality Animal Management (GPP) activities and lessons
  3. Record keeping.


these present themselves in each book as a check list of things that can be done for your project. We expect each child to participate in a minimum of 7 of these type of experiences per year. This correlates to the old project books where you had to do 7 activities. For clubs that are using the activities from the old books this is still acceptable. For those using the new books – it is expected that the youth will document each activity – a portfolio or notebook that chronicals their experience with the learning words and pictures/captions are acceptable, but each species/book should have 7 of these experiences.

Quality Animal Management

Each of the new books has this section. You should plan to review the lessons for the GPP that were the topic for the year in your club meeting. It is important that our youth understand these concepts and be able to practice them with their animals.

Record Books

Record books are a legal entity for caring for these animals. You must keep accurate records not only for appropriate animal care, but to protect you the owner as to your course of treatment if the animal is sick, and your feed record documentation. All other records serve to help you make economic decisions about your projects. All sections of this record keeping are to be complete. They will be checked by your leader and will be rejected for poor performance. Plan to demonstrate your record-keeping skills in this book.

Check list for record book completion 2016:

____ Seven (7) activities/events completed and documented (can be in the new books, portfolios of experiences, or 7 activities from old CCS books that are matched to the list in the new books.)
____ Quality Animal Management reviewed for 2016/completed

  • Identify and Track All Animals
  • Maintain appropriate medication and treatment records
  • Properly Store, Label, and Account for all Animal Health Products and Medicated Feeds

_____ Completed record book section