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118 Main Street
Courthouse Annex
Wellsboro, PA 16901-1495


Phone: 570-724-9120

Fax: 570-724-8137


Office Hours

Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Note: Please call ahead to ensure we are in the office.

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4-H Outreach

Throughout the year our program attends activities, has programming for schools and home school groups, as well as fundraisers and community service activities. Please contact our office if you see an event you'd like more information about!

hatching chicks at the childrens health fair on the Wellsboro Green

hatching chicks at the childrens health fair on the Wellsboro Green

School/Educational Programs

Health Rocks!

Health Rocks! is a program developed to teach youth stress management, goal setting, making good decisions and the facts about drug use consequences. We are happy to bring this program to you! 

We are happy to set you up with the tools you need to teach or teach the program for you! While 6 hours is completion of the program, we are happy to do even just one presentation.

Contact the office about how Health Rocks! can fit into your classroom, youth group or club!

Environmental Awareness Days

This is an event which we open to home school groups and all area grade 6 students. This event brings together stations with topics anywhere from wild animals, forest fires and recycling.

*Our program does not provide transportation or lunch at this event.

Dates for 2016: Tuesday May 10th and Monday May 11th

Location: Ives Run Park- Tioga, PA

Embryology in the Classroom

This is a program where we provide incubators, eggs, workbooks and assistance with hatching eggs in the classroom. We generally try to target grades 2-6th, but have done classes above and below on occasion.

*This program is $40 per classroom

*There is never a guarantee that you will have a hatch. Many things can affect the hatching rate and at times errors occur in the process and there is a failure to hatch. When this occurs we often offer a re-set. 

For more information go to the 4-h Embryology website

Dates: Contact us in January of 2017!

Community Programs

4-H Kick-Off and Open House

Meet, greet and craft with our 4-H clubs!

2017 date: Sunday March 26th 2017 2:00-4:00

Location: Tioga County Fairgrounds 

Wellsboro Childrens Health and Wellness Fair

This is an event we enjoy attending! We love meeting new families and seeing our current families out and about.

Date: June 10th 

Tioga County Fair

The Tioga County Fair is where you will see all of our 4-H projects in finished form. Many of the animals you see are those of either 4-H or FFA members.

During the week visit the 4-H Youth Building to view 4-H projects, club displays and fun activities!

For more information and the fair book info

2016 Dates: August 9th - 13th 

4-H/FFA Youth Livestock Sale

This event takes place the Saturday of fair.

Bid on youth market animals. Fill your freezer and support 4-H Youth! Business's are welcome!

2017 date: August 12th