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Somerset County 4-H Club Guidelines

  • Each 4-H club must have a minimum of five members.
  • A 4-H Club must have a minimum of 6 club meetings per year with a minimum of 6 hours of enrichment. This will assist officers with an opportunity to build leadership skills as they fulfill their officer duties.
  • To be a member in good standing, youth must attend 50% of their club meetings (ex. 5 of 9 meetings). In addition, clubs may also set minimum requirements for attendance that would penalize members from roundup, competitive participation, and recognition as voted on by the club membership.
  • Members with less than the minimum number of meetings can do extra work as assigned by the leader to regain good standing in the club.
  • Members transferring to a different club and not in good standing with their current club are required to complete extra credit assignments as determined by the Extension Office. No member will be permitted to change clubs after April 1.
  • Any updates to 4HOnline after a member/family has been accepted, must be done by contacting the Extension Office. This includes projects, contact information, etc.
  • Each club should complete at least one community service project per year.
  • Each member must complete club requirements and at least one 4-H project along with the required project record book and/or activity guide as appropriate for the project, to be in good standing.
  • All 4-H club accounts are to be audited annually and the report provided to the Extension Office. The Extension Educator must be a signor on all accounts.
  • 4-H Volunteers must meet all requirements as set by Penn State University and be enrolled in 4HOnline. In addition, volunteer leaders in the county must serve in some capacity within the club to remain a leader in good standing.