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Learning Activities for Beef

Approved activities for the Beef project record book.

I. Beef Book 1 – Bite Into Beef

  1. Identifying Beef Breeds – pg. 6
    a. Learn the different breeds of beef cattle
  2. Locating Beef Parts – pg. 8
    a. Learn the parts of a beef animal
  3. Doing the Right Thing IS the Right Thing – pg. 10
    a. Practice ethical treatment of animals
  4. Planning Your Work, Working Your Plan – pg. 12
    a. Create a weekly care schedule for your project
  5. Recognizing a Healthy Animal – pg. 14
    a. Know the characteristics of a healthy animal
  6. Picking Feed Ingredients – pg. 16
    a. Learn the essentials that should be fed your animal
  7. Where, Oh Where is My Calf? – pg. 18
    a. Have proper identification on your calf
  8. Judging Beef – pg. 20
    a. Judge a class of beef cattle
  9. Shopping for Beef – pg. 22
    a. Learn the different cuts of meat
  10. Recognizing Beef By-products – pg. 24
    a. Learn the different beef by-products
  11. Halter Breaking Your Calf – pg. 26
    a. Halter break your calf
  12. Fitting a Steer – pg. 28
    a. Correctly groom your animal for show
  13. Showing Beef Cattle – pg. 30
    a. Exhibit proper showmanship during a show

II. Beef Book 2 – Here’s the Beef

  1. Beef Quality Assurance – pg. 5
    a. Administer injections correctly. Accurately record treatments and maintain complete animal health records.
  2. Nutritional Needs – pg. 6
    a. Keep nutritional needs in mind. Feed the correct feed ingredients
  3. Following Feed through the Digestive System – pg. 8
    a. Label a beef animals digestive system
  4. Mange on the Range – pg. 10
    a. Control external parasites of cattle
  5. Live Long and Prosper – pg. 12
    a. Make a list of safety concerns and what you can do to keep yourself safe
  6. Becoming Ethically Enlightened Forever – pg. 14
    a. Maintain morals. Determine ethical and unethical situations
  7. Beef Communication – pg. 16
    a. Meet animal’s basic needs. Keep it a stress free environment
  8. Evaluating Leg Structure – pg. 18
    a. Learn different leg structures. Practice setting your animal correctly
  9. Judging Breeding Heifers – pg. 20
    a. Learn the characteristics that you want in a heifer
  10. Presenting Oral Reasons – pg. 22
    a. Properly present oral reasons on your placing of a class
  11. Determining Frame Scores – pg. 26
    a. Determine your animals frame score
  12. Locating & Identifying Beef Cuts – pg. 28
    a. Correctly identify beef cuts
  13. Making the Cut – pg. 30
    a. Judge retail beef cuts

III. Beef Book 3 – Leading the Charge

  1. Surf ‘N Turf – pg. 5
    a. Expand your beef knowledge
  2. Balancing a Beef Ration – pg. 6
    a. Learn how to select feed ingredients
  3. Let’s Talk Hay – pg. 8
    a. Select quality forage
  4. Read It on the Label – pg. 10
    a. Read a feed tag/label and be able to identify what’s in that feed
  5. Blocking Bovine Bugs – pg. 12
    a. Identify common cattle diseases
  6. Fitting for Show – pg. 14
    a. Properly fit your animal for show
  7. Evaluating a Beef Carcass – pg. 17
    a. Learn how to properly judge beef carcasses
  8. Yielding the Grade – pg. 18
    a. Learn how to determine yield grade
  9. Selecting a Sire – pg. 20
    a. Make bull buying decisions with performance data
  10. Exploring Beef Reproductive Systems – pg. 22
    a. Identify parts of the beef reproductive systems
  11. The Heat is On – pg. 24
    a. Understand the estrous cycle of the beef cow
  12. A Womb with a View – pg. 26
    a. Learn how to check for pregnancy
  13. The LaMOOZE Method – pg. 28
    a. Learn how to calving process works and how to assist help with difficult births
  14. Looking Ahead – pg. 30
    a. Explore career options in the beef industry