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Learning Activities for Dairy

Use this list of activities to help you complete your Dairy project record book.

Dairy Book 1 – Cowabunga

1. Black and White and Red All Over – pg. 6

a. Learn the differences in dairy cattle breeds

2. Selecting a Project Animal – pg. 8

a. Make decisions by comparing and examining to select your dairy project

3. From Head to Tail – pg. 10

a. Learn the different cow body parts

4. You Be The Judge – pg. 12

a. Recognize desirable traits of a dairy cow.  Apply those to your dairy project animal

5. How Much Does a Calf Eat? – pg. 14

a. Learn the correct amounts of food to feed to your calf by its age and what it needs.  Make a chart to compare that animal’s daily requirement to the amount you feed.  

6. From Moo to U – pg. 16

a. Learn and describe the steps in the milk production systems.  Understand marketing milk.

7. Getting Ready to Show – pg. 18

a. Learn all the items that needed for a show and be able to describe how that item is used

8. Fitting for Show – pg. 20

a. Properly fit or be able to explain how to properly fit your project for show

9. Showing your Project Animal – pg. 22

a. Exhibit proper showmanship and sportsmanship during a show

10. Dollars for Dairy – pg. 24

a. Keep track of income and expenses for your project

11. Circle of Like – pg. 26

a. Learn the stages and basic care of dairy cattle throughout their lifecycle

12. From Bottle to Bunk – pg. 28

a. Learn how the ruminant digestive tract works

13. Cow Tally – pg. 30

a. Keep records on your project

14. Truth, Justice, and the American Whey – pg. 32

a. Expand your dairy knowledge.  Research different facts on the dairy breed.

Dairy Book 2 – Mooving Ahead

1. I Placed This Class – pg. 5

a. Judge a Dairy Class

2. Identifying Your Calf – pg. 8

a. Have your calf identified

3. To Be or Not to Be? – pg. 10

a. Make wise decisions in situations

4. Recognizing a Healthy Animal – pg. 12

a. Learn characteristics of a health dairy cow.  Evaluate and examine your animal.

5. Identifying Cattle Parasites – pg. 14

a. Be able to identify or prevent common cattle parasites

6. It’s on the Label – pg. 16

a. Read drug labels

7. Testing the Flight Zone – pg. 18

a. Consider dairy cattle behavior. Know their flight zone.

8. Selecting Dairy Housing – pg. 20

a. Have proper dairy housing

9. Let’s Talk Hay – pg. 22

a. Provide quality forage

10. Following Feed Through the Digestive System – pg. 24

a. Know the digestive system of a dairy cow

11. Preparing a Cow for Milking – pg. 26

a. Properly prepare your cow for milking as well as after she is done to prevent infection

12. Safe Milk is Cool – pg. 28

a. Take proper care and understand the importance of food safety and milk quality

13. Milk… for the Health of it – pg. 30

a. Name 10 foods that contain milk

14. So You Want to Be a Dairy Farmer? – pg. 32

a. Explore dairy careers.  Interview people who work in the dairy industry

Dairy Book 3 – Rising to the Top

1. Scoring a Cow’s Body Condition – pg. 5

a. Body score your animal

2. Report Card Time – pg. 8

a. Use records to make management decisions

3. Debating Animal Welfare Issues – pg. 10

a. Provide the best care to your animal

4. Inspection Time – pg. 12

a. Assure milk quality at your farm

5. CSI: Mastitis – pg. 14

a. Test for mastitis and do proper procedures and treatment for the ones who do have mastitis

6. Balancing a Dairy Ration – pg. 16

a. Balance your feed ration

7. The Heat is On! – pg. 18

a. Identify features of the cows estrus cycle

8. E.T. Clone Home! – pg. 20

a. Learn about embryo transfer techniques

9. A Womb with a View – pg. 22

a. Learn how to check for pregnancy

10. The LaMOOze Method – pg. 24

a. Learn the calving process and what to do if you need to help with the birth

11. Promoting Dairy Products – pg. 26

a. Promote dairy products and dairy by-products

12. Exploring Career Options – pg. 28

a. Learn about different dairy career options