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Costs of Programming

4-H programs are supported by public money from the federal government (USDA), the Pennsylvania State Government, grants and local donations. As you may be aware, tax revenues are declining and there are budget cuts in almost every publicly funded program. Because of this, the following fee structure has been established to help defray the cost of creating, printing, and distributing project resource materials, curriculum development and marketing. These funds enable Penn State to continue to supply project and technical support to the 4-H programs of each county. Please note that projects that already have a cost included will also include the fees. We will strive to make these increases as minimal as possible.

The educational material fees are as listed below:

  • Club members: $20.00 per year

Clubs may use their discretion to cover the cost of their annual enrollment. Fund raising, having individual youth pay for their enrollment or splitting the cost between the family and club are all acceptable. Youth may belong to multiple clubs and participate in multiple projects under this one membership fee.

  • Use in home-schooling situations: complete cost of materials requested

Home schooled children are encouraged to join a local club to receive the group experience but it is not mandatory. The complete cost of materials will be the responsibility of home schooled participants.

  • Classroom usage: $40.00 per project

It is important that 4-H remains accessible to all so if this fee will prohibit the ability of a classroom to participate in 4-H events or programs, teachers should write a letter and attach it to your enrollment sheet. This cost may be waived for the project used by classrooms. Please note that there is a cost per individual project used and not for the year.

  • Adult workshops: Fees vary based on the size of group and project.

Trainings for adults that work with youth will have a cost of $5 per person, plus the cost of any materials distributed.

  • After School Programming: Free

If these costs will prevent your family/child from participating in 4-H, please contact the County Extension Director for a waiver of the fee. Please call 215-471-2200.