Northampton County 4-H Center

Ways to help support the 4-H center.

Big Brothers, Big Sisters Clothing Drop Off

There is a used clothing, material, etc. drop box at the 4-H Center. Please drop anything you wish to dispose of in this box. As people always rotate clothing by the season and kids grow continuously, the donations will help the 4-H Center. Old pillows, material, almost anything of this type will be accepted. If you have large items from cleaning out a house, etc., please call Jan Martin, 610-837-7294; she will be able to help you arrange a pick up that will be donated to the 4-H center.


Please if you are using Amazon for ordering items, use AmazonSmile and register your order as a donation to the Northampton County 4-H Center, Nazareth, PA.  Every little bit helps!