Winter 4-H Club Reports

Current 4-H Club Reports submitted to the Extension Office.

Backtrackers Horse & Pony Club


During the one December meeting, the group stuffed and addressed envelopes for the new year including Tack Swap information, Tree sale flyers and Horse Seminar information. We also elected our new leaders! Every member running for an office gave a short speech and elections were held.

On 12/29/14 The Backtrackers held their annual Holiday Skating party at Edgemont Roller Rink. There were many smiles and lots of laughs, plus good food. Members brought family and guests with them. We played games and one member even won a free skate at the rink!


At the meeting on January 9th, the new officers were installed. President: Claire Smith; Vice-President: Abbey Heald ; Secretary: Eileen Gallagher; Treasurer: Amber Poniktera; Reporter: Sheridan Taylor; Special Projects Coordinator: Jenelle Bayer; Photographers: Brie Ludwig, Eileen Gallagher, Sarah Haunstein, Claire Smith, Abbey Heald, and Amber Poniktera.

New members attended this meeting. They are: Erika Bodish, Alexa Rousenberger, and Jonathan Barnes.

The group talked about the Tack Swap being held in April and the importance of asking for donations such as food and gift cards. What we make in the kitchen will be pure profit for the group so everyone is working hard to get donations!

We also talked about the tree sale and volunteering to help pack and distribute.

The club watched “All the Kings Horses”, a tradition for the starting meeting in January. It is about the Budweiser Clydesdales.

During the second meeting on January 23rd, the club watched a video on Parasites. Guidelines about the upcoming t-shirt design contest was explained to the members.  Each member may submit two designs, black and white design.


At the Feb. 13th, Backtrackers members picked the T-shirt design for the next two years. Over 20 original designs by the members were voted on by the club. Congratulations to Amber Poniktera for her awesome winning design! Each member receives a free club t-shirt for the coming year. We also watched a video on basic horse handling. Also new member Emma Kemmerer was welcomed into the club.

Submitted by: Sheridan Taylor, Club Reporter