Our Clubs

All active clubs in Northampton County.

These clubs are for youth interested in learning how to care for specific animal species; including: health, nutrition, housing, grooming, and showing. Youth do not need to own animals to join these clubs.

Young people that participate in community clubs choose their projects each year based on their interests. These projects may include sewing, cooking, woodworking, leatherwork, crafts, knitting, engineering, or gardening. Ask leaders what projects their club is focusing on this year.

Through these clubs youth learn various aspects of horse ownership, including: nutrition , health , grooming, and safety. Members may own, lease, or aspire to future ownership of horses. Members do not need to own or lease a horse to belong to the 4-H Horse Clubs.

These clubs are for youth interested in the art of sewing and needlework. Individuals can begin to learn the process from design to construction of various types of garments.

Special Interest Clubs focus on specific project areas and explore topics in great detail as individuals progress through their 4-H careers. These club tracts are especially good a getting youth involved in leadership positions.

Afterschool clubs are offered to youth through schools, participating organizations, and community centers. They incorporate various 4-H projects into their existing programs.