Meet The Plants

4-H Plant Science School enrichment project

Grade level: 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and special education

Description: Meet the Plants is a beginning course in identifying what a plant is and the different parts of a plant. There are experiments and activities for seed sprouting, root development and stem identification, students will have the opportunity to grow annual seed and bulbs in dish gardens and terrariums. Students can learn how plants grow under different conditions of light, temperature and soil.

 Recommended length of program:
The program consists of seven to eight 30-45 minute lessons. Bulbs will take five to six weeks to bloom. Equipment needed: sweet potatoes, celery, food coloring, and samples of seeds from fruits. Examples of plant materials such as mushrooms, ferns, mosses, fungi would be helpful.

Materials provided:
4-H member and leaders guide, 4.H completion certificates, growing containers, potting mix, bulbs, annual seed packets. Volunteer Master Gardeners will teach one ( l ) lesson to your students, by appointment, and then visit with the teacher briefly, to show them how to have fun and use the materials successfully. Note that the classroom demonstration must be scheduled to happen before the end of April and that all classes in the same school must be scheduled on the same day.

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Sample of Meet the Plants project

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A 4-H Plant Science project

A 4-H Plant Science project

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A 4-H Plant science project sample

A 4-H Plant Science project