A 4-H school enrichment program

Creepy Crawlies: Youth learn to make an insect collection, where to look for insects & how to identify and classify insects as they practice the following life skills: learning to learn, critical thinking, and decision making. Grades: 3-4

What’s Bugging You:  Youth develop communication skills, identify insets to order, design insects, complete an insect collection table, plan an insect collection trip, rear meal worms, explore insect legs and collects insects with an extractor. Grades:5-6

Dragons, Houses and Other Flies:  Youth keep an insect journal, determine the effect of food on mealworm larvae production, test ant food preferences, conduct honey bee learning experiments, use an insect key, plan a butterfly garden, records insect observations. Grades7-8

Facilitators Guide: This guide provides practical tips, 14 group activities and supplementary information pertaining to the Entomology curriculum.


Additional Entomology Projects:

Pest Patrol
Project Butterfly Wings


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4-H school enrichment project book

This project teaches children about safe ways to manage pests rather than rely on pesticides.

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Sample of Pest Patrol project book

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4-h project on butterflies

A 4-H project on butterflies