School Enrichment

Fun, educational projects available for school educators, home educators, activity directors.

Did you know...?

Almost every school district in Montgomery County has participated in a 4-H program in the past five years. Here's what Montgomery County educators and their students have had to say about 4-H projects in the classroom:

  • "Great programs! Very organized.”
  • “ The students were highly engaged.”
  • “…an experience they will always remember”.
  • “This is the best thing we ever did”.
  • “The embryology project taught … responsibility, …..compassion for living things, …sensitivity to the demands of parenthood.”
  • "I'm a homeschooling parent and the embryology project was so much fun! My children really gained a wealth of knowledge with this experience!"

4-H school projects are geared for classroom, home education or after school use by elementary, middle, and high school students in a variety of settings. Teacher or parent volunteers provide a unique, fun, hands-on learning experience for students. Penn State Extension staff provide teacher/leader training and 4-H project books. Students are awarded 4-H Achievement certificates upon completion of the project.

Browse through our 4-H school programs and choose a program that fits into your curriculum or can be used to enhance your school or homeschool's curriculum or youth program. Share the information with appropriate teachers, counselors, home educators and home and school associations. All of our material is easily adaptable to most situations. 

Many 4-H projects support Pennsylvania and National Academic Standards in science, environmental education, health, safety and physical education, and family and consumer sciences. With many listings of our 4-H program, we've indicated which standards our projects support.

Training is available if you need it, by appointment in selected program areas. At that time you will learn how to present the material and pick up your supplies. Student enrollment sheets must be handed in and any fees paid prior to receiving your supplies. If you have taken a project before or do not need training, we will arrange for you to get your supplies upon completion of the enrollment forms and payment of fees.

Many teachers have asked us why the enrollment form is required. Your enrollment form provides the documentation that USDA requires of all 4-H programs, in order to ensure that we are making all reasonable efforts to reach out to all youth in the county. (Did you know that 4-H is the official youth organization of USDA and that it is the largest youth organization in the country?) Also, the enrollment forms provide us with the documentation needed to assure us of continued funding. This is how we are able to make 4-H programs available to you for a small materials fee per classroom.

We are looking forward to working with you to make your days easier, your curriculum vital and your lessons engaging. Have a terrific year!


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