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Montgomery County Senior Exchange Club

The 4-H Exchange Club is open to all youth ages 14 - 18 as of January 1st of the current year

Montgomery County 4-H Exchange members on their exchange trip to Colorado.

Montgomery County 4-H Exchange members on their exchange trip to Colorado.

An interstate exchange program is an exciting opportunity for youth and adults to experience the geography, culture and heritage of a local community of 4-H youth and leaders with a common 4-H identity yet potentially different perspective. The goal of the Montgomery County 4-H Exchange Program is to: “educate youth and adults for living in a global and ever-changing world.” What better opportunity for learning than through an interstate exchange? Montgomery County 4-H interstate Exchanges are also a part of the citizenship project and an application of the 4-H pledge “for my club, my community, my country and my world.”

The interstate exchange project is designed to help youth:

  • Learn more about the history of the state and the county in which they visit.
  • Learn more about themselves and their own family, friends, county, and state.
  • Learn to help plan and conduct fundraising projects to pay expenses for the trip   and for hosting a visitor.
  • Learn to be a good host or hostess.
  • Learn how to travel, not as a casual passenger, but as an interested, fact-finding individual by increasing their perception of their surroundings.
  • Develop as individuals by learning to think on their feet and to live, work, and play with people who may have practices, beliefs, and customs different from their own.
  • Create new and lasting friendships.
  • Learn more about 4-H in other states.
  • Have fun as a member of a 4-H exchange.


Please contact our office at 610-489-4315 for leader contact information and our office staff will put you in touch with the club leader. The club leader will let you know when the next meeting is being held and give you more detailed information on club activities and events. When you attend the meeting and make the decision to join the club, the club leader will have all the necessary information for you to join 4-H.