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Montgomery County 4-H Model Railroad Club

This club meets on the 4th Friday of the month from 7:00-8:30pm at the 4-H Center.


To give 4-Hers and their families an opportunity to get involved in the hobby of modeling an HO model railroad layout, a hobby that can last a lifetime. This club will teach skills in carpentry, electronics and model construction. We will also examine the history of the North Pennsylvania Railroad and the magnitude of its importance in Montgomery County.


We will be learning the terminology and skills needed for the following activities:

  • construct 2’ x 4’ layout modules (using only hand tools, no power tools)
  • wiring the layout (12 volt system—the same safe voltage in your car and no soldering)
  • laying HO model track
  • modeling scenic views along the railroad including landscape modeling with plaster, painting, building of structures along the railroad, modeling trees, shrubs and grasses, building tunnels, operating model trains at club meetings and public events
  • doing actual railroad operations of the late 1800’s era